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Asymmetrical Turtleneck // Part II

Claudia Di Capua

Outfit information and tips are located at the bottom of this post!

Sweater: ExpressJumper: Aritzia Boots: H&MBracelet: Anarchy Street (Use code CLAUDIA_Di10 for 10% off!)

The Look:

As you have probably noticed, I'm showing you how to wear the turtleneck from the last post two ways. I've always been a huge fan of a jumper and/or jumpsuit, so this Aritzia version is an oldie, but a goodie! Everything is pretty free flowing meaning it isn't fitted, which I think is great as it would become uncomfortable to sit and walk. This also creates a more modern feel. The details are what really make this look appealing. The ridges in the sweater along with the material of the jumpsuit give the whole look a more polished effect. A peep of ankle is the way to go in my book! It would have been too over-bearing to have the pant meet the boot. Showing a bit of skin helps to break this up. I kept my favorite Anarchy Street bracelet from the last post because it helps to dress the whole outfit up as well. This look is great for casual days with friends and even in an office environment! Just throw on a few accessories to dress it up and you'll be work or party ready! 

If I Was To Do It Differently:

If I could change it up, I would add a leather biker jacket along with a tote so that I'd be warmer in cooler weather. Also, a pair of slide-ons are a must if you do a lot of walking! Click any image to be directed to where to purchase each item!

Photo from (Ash Kurt)

Photo from (Ash Kurt)

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