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5 Pieces of Advice from the Who What Wear Panel

Claudia Di Capua

Pants: Who What WearSweater: Who What WearBoots: Steve Madden

The Look

Just to give a little context, I attended a panel hosted by Who What Wear where we heard from bloggers like Marianna Hewitt and Wendy of Wendy's Lookbook as well as entrepreneurs such as one of the founders of Bauble Bar. At the end we were able to pull a few pieces from the gifting suite, which is how this look came to be! Although, snagging these items was a miracle because once they let us select pieces, it was like race horses out of the gates!

I chose these pieces because I feel that they would work perfectly together as well as on there own. While this sweater is normally fitted, I went up in size to get the looser fit. I thought to myself "pick items that you'll have a use for (but also hurry up or everything will be gone haha)." The rich striped glitter detail makes this sweater perfect for the holiday season! the gold stands out so well and is overall very festive. 

I love how these pants combine old and new. They incorporate that 80's look while also keeping the cut modern. The belt helps to cinch in the waist and the length looks great rolled up as well. I paired them with a pair of super fitted lace up ankle boots. Boots that hug the ankle closely have always been my preference and look great underneath a wider trouser leg. I linked all of these items above, which are sold at Target. Get them in time for your holiday parties - I know I'll be wearing these items to a few events!


5 Pieces of Advice from the Event

We heard from some amazing speakers including Marianna Hewitt, Wendy Nguyen (Wendy's Lookbook) and Daniella Yacobovsky of Bauble Bar with moderation by Rachel Zeilic! They all offered up some awesome advice, so I figured I'd share a few notes that stood out to me:

1. From Marianna on tips- If you're not following her second account Blog With Me, you need to! She shares everyday tips about how to grow as a blogger and provides a different approach to a lot of the dilemmas we face as bloggers. Check it out here!

2. From Wendy on Instagram Algorithm - With our beloved Instagram acting all crazy with algorithm changes, I made it a point to ask Wendy how she has been dealing with these changes. She went on to explain that this is impacting everyone big and small, so it's important to stay current with what type of content the algorithm favors. Instagram is starting to favor video and Instagram stories, so rather than posting something to Snapchat, maybe add that video to you Insta story next time!

3. From Daniella on working with brands - Hearing from Daniella was super helpful seeing as she is on the opposite side of the table as bloggers. She is the brand looking to work with

influencer. One piece of advice that really resonated was work with brands that you already love and wear. Bauble Bar only works with influencers that already wear the product allowing for natural content creation. If you are having trouble finding collaborations, invest in pieces from brands you love and make sure to tag them in all of your content. Maybe even reach out with examples of content featuring their items!

4. From Marianna and Wendy on equipment - Be smart about how you spend your money on new equipment! Don't get me (or them) wrong, it's SO important to reinvest in yourself, but make sure you are doing it in a cost efficient way. Both Marianna and Wendy had plenty of stories about how many cameras and lenses they went through as they were coming up, but they both concluded that it is way smarter to rent equipment first, see what works for you and then make purchases based on that. Also, it is 20% about the camera/equipment and 80% about knowing how to change the settings in the camera and editing skills! 

5. From Daniella, Marianna and Wendy on getting paid - When you're working your way up the blogging ladder, it's difficult to know when to ask for payment for your content creation. All three touched on how it's important to narrow down what brands you truly love and want to work for. Even if you aren't getting paid, but yoou get to work with a brand you love, it may be worth it to help build out your portfolio. You want to build relationships with these brands so you can do more than one MEANINGFUL campaign. Make sure you aren't money driven starting off and place value on the relationships over the payment.

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