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Leopard Print in Soho

Claudia Di Capua

Dress: LoaviesJacket: Ivy Revel Boots: GuessSunglasses: Ray-Ban

The Look

Prints - Something I have stayed away from like the plague, until now. I have seriously warmed up to the whole leopard print deal. I saw this dress online and figured why not try it. I will warn you that although I bought this dress on Loavies, they do not pay for return or exchange shipping from the US back to Europe, which ends up costing more than the dress itself. I ended up buying two of the same dress and am now selling one of them (let me know if you are interested)! Make sure you nail your size the first time around and you'll be golden!

The dress is similar to something you'd find at Zara or Mango, which I was fine with given the great price I got it for. I love how flowy it is and how I can layer it. This dress works for three out of the four seasons and all it takes is a little creativity with layering and shoe choice! I could wear it in the spring with a simple heel, but also in the fall with a sweater and light jacket plus a pair of OTK boots. I could get even sportier and wear it with sneakers as well. So many possibilities! 

Subtle and simple details can really add to a look. For example, I grappled with wearing a pair of shorter combat boots with this, but figured it would be slightly too cold. The faux fur on the sleeves of the coat sort of mirror the animal theme we have going with the dress. The ties on the hips of the dress as well as the neck make the dress much more feminine and the gold details on the bag and sunglasses make everything look more luxe. Try a few of these things out and I promise, your look will stand out just a little but more!

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