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Quick Tips: Travel Edition

Claudia Di Capua

Happy travels! Feel free to comment below with any questions!

1. Jewelry:

Trying to edit out jewelry that you just KNOW you're going to need just because you didn't bring it is a tough call to make. Try condensing your jewelry! Save all of those little pouches you get when you buy jewelry or get it as a gift so that you can put silvers in one, gold in another, rings and earrings..whatever floats your boat! This also helps reduce the possibility of scratching and keeps everything in one place. 

2. Shoes:

Don't you hate when you pull out your smushed shoes from your suitcase and they have weird dents or annoying scratches on the leather?! I know I do. Lengthen the lifespan of those innocent heels by putting them in dust bags (usually meant for handbags). This eliminates scratching of those pretty shoes of yours!

3. Sunnies:

This issue is near and dear to my heart because I have lost too many sunglasses to these tragic occurrences. Ever had your sunnies become misshaped or broken because they got smushed in your travel bags? Get rid of that problem by always carrying them in hard sunglass cases. You can find them at places like Zara or H&M for great prices!

4. Handbags:

Don't think that just because your dangerous heels are all covered up that your bags are safe. Oh no girl. Make sure to keep your precious purses bundled up in their own dust bags to make sure that they don't get scratched by things like zippers, buttons, or your suitcase itself! SAVE THE BAGS!

5. Hats:

These are probably one of the most difficult things to travel with. Keeping the shape is always a struggle. An easy way to eliminate this is to fill the hat with things like socks or paper to maintain the shape, then pack around the hat as shown above. Your hats will arrive safe and sound!

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