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Tour Eiffel

Claudia Di Capua

Outfit information and tips are located at the bottom of this post!

Top: Babel Fair (similar here) / Overalls: Topshop / Backpack: Barneys New York (on sale!) / Sunglasses: Dior / Sandals: Sam Edleman 

While in Paris, I was able to shoot a few looks at some grand locations. I'm so happy I ended up at the Eiffel Tower because the look happens to match so well with it! 

There is something so light and easy about wearing all white. Also, I needed to recover from my all black in the last post! I finally found a pair of overall's that fit right! I love this Topshop version for summer and even into early Fall. You can wear it with a crop top, long sleeve, sweater you name it. I went with this Babel Fair short sleeve sheer top because it adds some texture and a casual look. The structured top has more of a square shape, which works well with this look.

Let's move to my favorite sunglasses. I found these babies in Paris for a much better price than in the U.S.! (I made sure I didn't get ripped off with fake ones too, don't worry guys). My theory is that Dior is a French brand, so prices are better in France?! Anyhow, I love the subtle metallic detail at the top of the lens and the fact that there is no bridge around the nose. It's refreshing to see a new style like this. Hope everyone enjoys this look and I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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