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Striped Denim + Retro Accessories

Claudia Di Capua

Top: Madewell / Jeans: ReformationHeels: Public Desire (Similar here) / Scarf: HermèsBag: Express (Similar here) / Sunglasses: Asos 

The Look

It has been a minute! I've been so wrapped up in getting my travel posts up that I put a lot of the lookbook posts on the back burner this summer. While I included my looks and links to them in those travel posts, it's still nice to get back to my roots of style posts and how/why I put them together. Marijn and I tested out a new camera for these shots and couldn't be more pleased! September will be a whole new animal for us.

Now, back to the look. I've been experimenting a lot with different denim style, so these striped and structured reformation spoke to me. I love the cut and almost boxiness of them. Not to mention, they suck you is in all the right places. Seriously, you can actually feel the material tightening up around the upper thigh area and waist. I find this too be super flattering, but at ties a tad uncomfortable. Nothing I can't deal with for how great your legs look when wearing them! The vertical stripes give your legs that elongated look, especially when worn with heels!

With the jeans as the focus of the look, I went very comfortable and easy breezy for the rest of the look. A simple white t-shirt should always be on hand for moments like these. As you can, it complements the heels nicely, but this look is just as easily worn with sneakers. My sheer orange sunnies (found on Asos) and hairstyle give the entire look a very retro vibe. I love how th eorange tint of the lenses works so well with the warm tones of the Hermès scarf. Speaking of which, wrapping scarves around handbag handles has to be one of my new favorite thing to do with accessories!

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Favorite Looks of 2015

Claudia Di Capua





Hooch App Collab:

Culottes baby. Not for everyone, but definitely for me! They are great dress pants and can be worn with a more fitted shirt of needed. Again, they are a recycled fashion from the past, which is always appreciated by me. This was worn for an event I was hosting for Hooch app in NYC, so I went with all black. I love how every part of this outfit is flowy and the whole look has a contemporary feel. 

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One of my favorite travels was to Paris in the summer. This look was shot the same day I arrived as we were exploring the Notre Dame. Naturally, I was in all black. To be honest, I felt like a bad ass in this look! This outfit represents everything about my alter ego (do what you will with that). As you'll find, my favorite leather jacket makes it into a lot of my favorite looks from 2015!

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Tour Eiffel:

This overall is perfect for summer because it is white! And because they're overalls. I've become a huge fan of sheer details, which is why I was so drawn to this top. The lose fitting crop style was perfect for this semi-street style ensemble. Backpacks are great for traveling, so I figured why not get one that looks great as well. Did my best to not look like a tourist. 

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Sporty Without The Sports:

This look is so comfy and street style chic, of course it made it to this list! I love this sweater because of the lines it creates while still being a casual piece. My Stan Smith's have carried a lot of my outfits as I've taken a turn for the fashion sneaker in 2015. Every part of this look is pretty basic and I would wear them all over again. 

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YMI Jeans Collab:

This look made me feel like a semi grown-up. I felt like I was heading to a super chic job that I hope to have one day! I love the layers in this look and how the top half is a bit more shifty whereas the jeans are skin tight. This gave a good balance. I must say, these shoes were about 50% of the reason that this look made it on this list!

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Modern Go-Go:

I love this look because of how simple every piece is. Everything from the top to the boots is a solid, but puts a modern spin on an old look. I've always been inspired by fashion throughout the 50's-70's. This obviously leans more towards the 70's because of the skirt and over the knee boots. The look is sleek and it is something I'll wear for some time to come!

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Bomber Jacket:

Bomber jackets made a huge comeback this season. I found this version in the mens section of an All Saints store and I'm so glad I did. It's slightly oversized, but still looks put together. White jeans are a yes everyday of the year. I love a good boyfriend jean, especially from Levi's. The heels give this otherwise casual look a bit of a step up, which is something I love combining in my looks. 

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White and black really have taken over my closet with the exception of some blue and grey. This cute mini dress is amazing because I can dress it up and down without issue just by changing the shoes and maybe losing the leather jacket. I've learned that simplicity and lines are what I'm really drawn too. It helps to ensure that I'll like the item for longer. This look is cute and casual alternative to just jeans and a nice top. 

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NYFW: Gramercy Girl:

This look really does speak for itself. The Club Monaco skirt is so fun to wear seeing as spinning and twirling were part of the purchase. It's a super feminine piece and a real eye catcher. This top is great because I've been able to use it for so many looks. I had to make sure my NYFW looks were things I would look back on and be happy with, which is why it's one of my favorites of 2015!

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Distressed Denim:

This look is super edgy, just the way I like it. I love this look because I think it looks effortless. The jeans are all torn up and the fitted crop is complemented by the classic leather jacket. I tried out the trending hair tuck as well and got a glimpse of me with a bob! 

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Simple for Summer:

I love this look because it could just as easily be worn with a simple sandal. The whole outfit is easy and perfect for a casual summer day. The denim shorts make everything more layed back, but the button down top pulls it all together. I Also wish I was this tan again. 

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Lookbook - Claudia Di Capua

NYFW: Gramercy Girl

Claudia Di Capua

Outfit information and tips are located at the bottom of this post!

Top: AritziaSkirt: Club MonacoShoes: Steve MaddenNecklace: BulgariWatch: Bulgari / Lipstick: NYX

The Shows: Hanley Mellon and DORÉ

Doré: These detailed dresses were displayed presentation style at the Gramercy Park Hotel. The colors and details were amazing! Each model stood on a platform at different levels to showcase each of their looks. For the most part, the dresses were gowns and intended for formal and important events. Each piece was very different from the other while still remaining cohesive. The intimate setting on the terrace of the hotel overlooked the city making for a great backdrop for the presentation. I liked that it was a presentation style event because we as the audience we able to interact with the designer and actually look very closely at the detail!

Hanley Mellon: This presentation was by far my favorite! I helped out at the show as well, so my pictures are limited, unfortunately! Inspired by Havana, Cuba, the collection portrayed burnt yellows and deep faded reds. Not only was the collection flawless, but the set and venue were extremely inviting and right on point with the theme. There were old cars and home inspired backdrops where the models stood. Every piece was very wearable and added a great perspective to old world Cuba. I wold wear every piece! With music blaring in the background and mingling of professionals and socialites in the industry, it was a great way to end my NYFW!

The Look: 

This look had me twirling all around New York! Starting off at Doré, I needed to wear something that would work for a day event while still being formal. I found just that in this Club Monaco midi skirt! It is so elegant and fits effortlessly. Finding a top to match proved to be difficult, but Aritzia came to the rescue! I originally wanted to wear a looser fitting white crop, which looked great, but since I was going to be transitioning into a night event with Hanley Mellon, black was the way to go. The elegance of the skirt allows for the crop top to show a little skin without making the outfit look tacky. I've never done a lip this red, but I'm glad I did! The rest of my makeup, hair, and accessories were left very simple to make the reed lip the main pop. I'd love to hear all of your thoughts on this look in the comments below!

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Lookbook - Claudia Di Capua