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Claudia Di Capua

As part of YMI Jeans fall campaign, bloggers like me helped share our OOTD featuring YMI items! See all of their jeans at

What it's about:

We always try to stick with what we know. Whether it's your usual at Starbucks or jean brands,  we all have our favorites! This campaign helped me realize that I should always be experimenting with style. This was my first time wearing YMI and I am so happy that I did!  


The Fit:

The stretch in these jeans helps to create room if you are between sizes. I find that this is the case  for me a lot of the time when shopping for denim, so having the tightness and give helped mold them to my exact shape. Also, YMI focuses a lot on enhancing the butt area. The wash, materials, and tension in certain areas helps to enhance different features! I'm always looking for jeans that don't fall down when I sit down. I'm not a huge fan of super low-rise jeans, so this YMI version nailed it with this mid-rise fit. When it starts getting cooler and I start wearing boots, jeans with too much stretch cause the knee area to look baggy. My YMI jeans are like a second skin and have formed to my ever curve..even in the knee area! Sometimes, stretch jeans can have the effect of looking too tight even though they are the right size. I have no idea how they did it, but YMI eliminates this issue. I'm guessing it's because there is a great balance between the elasticity and the material quality. Whatever it is, it's working! 

The Wash: 

I love the wash of these jeans because they are not too dark and not too light. Perfect for dressing them up as well as down. The fade lines on the front help to make them look distressed, but in a more classic way than the more casual torn jean. I'm not a huge fan of too much distress or crease lines on my denim, so the subtly placed lines on this YMI pair fit my criteria perfectly!

Daily use:

My YMI jeans are the new go-tos! I can go to class with a pair of slide-on shoes or go out with a pair of heels in the same jeans. The versatility in the jeans in more ways than just the stretch makes them a staple item for your wardrobe. Some of my denim is hard to wear with limited stretch, but are aesthetically nice. YMI brings both aesthetics and function to their jeans. The most active person can move around comfortably just as the most stylish person can work the same pair! These are definitely a pair of jeans that will last me a long time and be used to the max. I have a feeling it's going to become more of a when in doubt, chose YMI sort of situation. 

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