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I look forward to inquiries of any kind. Aside from my obvious love for blogging about fashion, I also offer a variety of services to help you with your style needs. I hope to hear from you soon. 

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Mirina Collections Ambassador

Claudia Di Capua

Use my Ambassador code "clau20" to get 20% off your next Mirina Collections purchase! Make use of it for gift giving this holiday season!

Mirina Collections:

Mirina Collections is known for their handmade statement jewelry. They go by the name of Famous Necklaces. To me, each piece takes on a different personality. Their are larger necklaces as well as less ornate pieces. My necklace also known as the 'Andy' definitely fits my style of dressing. It isn't too loud, but it is for sure noticeable. I am happy to be an ambassador for them because they have a skill in creating these amazingly detailed necklaces! 

Different Ways To Wear The Andy

This necklace obviously speaks for itself, but how can you style it for different occasions? For this look, I went with a more casual chic type of style. In my next collar post, I will show you how to dress it up for an event (which is the easier of the two)! 

In order to incorporate such an eye-catching piece into you're daily look, follow a few simple steps to ensure that you nail it! These steps can apply to any statement item that you may want to wear. 


Step 1: Select statement item. You will build your look around this, so it's important to do this first.

Step 2: Simplicity over busyness. You're statement piece is already making a statement! You can enhance this by choosing classic and simple clothing items so that your look doesn't become overworked. 

Step 3: Solids over prints. You can work with colors, but try to stay away from prints when wearing a very noticeable statement necklace. People won't know where to look! Looking put together is always welcome.