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The Everyday: ADAY X Claudia Di Capua

Claudia Di Capua

The Collaboration


ADAY is a brand that creates clothing for the woman with an active lifestyle. They put together items so you don't have to. Modern in look and simplistic in design, all of ADAY's pieces from workout clothes to dress shirts are staples that everyone would benefit from having readily available. I'm happy to be sharing with you "The Everyday Uniform"! These sleek black leggings and cropped bra top are not only a workout go-to, but I definitely see myself wearing this to run errands, on my way to a shoot or any other activity that keeps me busy and moving. Keep scrolling for photos and more details about these pieces!


The Look

When it comes to workout gear, I normally am a skeptic. I find the brand(s) I like and I stick with them. I don't like dealing with see-through clothing or styles that ware out quickly. After trying on these pants and this bra top, I'm happy to say they are now in my very short go-to work out clothes list. The pants aren't super thick (aka breathable) and have that great high waisted look. Best part is, they aren't see-through! I tried to bend over as far as I could to see if the material would become transparent, but it truly did not. The fit, the lightness and the color density are what sold me on these leggings. 

On the trend of trying new things, I've never gravitated to cropped, fitted workout tops, but I have now found out what I've been missing! I'm obsessed! I always thought that they would never be tight enough to hold everything in where it's supposed to be when I'm running etc. and if it was tight enough, I'd be spilling out of it. Guess what, I was wrong! The perfect bra top does exist. I felt secure enough that everything was held in place and that I wasn't popping out of he top. It pairs so well with the high waisted pants and is a very slimming set. 

Overall, I'm blown away by the quality and comfort of this workout set. The material doesn't get that weird white undertone that some spandex gets when you've stretched it to far and let me reiterate, They are NOT see-through! They really nailed it. I received another top from ADAY (that I'll be posting soon so stay tuned) and I noticed a trend. Like I said the design is super modern and simplistic. I noticed this because of the lazer cut look that all of the pieces have and how it feels like you are wearing air because of how light it is. Try it out for yourself, I promise you won't be disappointed!


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