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JQ Vancouver

Claudia Di Capua

Find JQ Vancouver pieces like this one at jqvancouver.comEtsy, or Instagram @jqvancouver



I found JQ Vancouver, an amazing jewelry company via social media. After looking through the jewelry that the company offered, I knew I wanted to try to collab with them! The jewelry is characterized by timeless yet contemporary pieces, which is right up my alley. All of the pieces are handmade, so they are that much more special to wear. The jewelry is creative and fresh making it a great addition to any look. Lariat necklaces are great for bringing out the details of a neckline, but JQ Vancouver takes it a step further by adding a simple and minimal layer. This brings the traditional lariat to the next level in my opinion!



I asked the owner, Chelsey Andrews about the idea behind this layered lariat necklace (known as the heart necklace on her website) and her description matched exactly how I perceived it. When a company can make that big of an impression on the perception of their product before they tell you exactly what they're about is truly impressive! I feel that Andrews's inspiration for the piece was a true representation of what I look for when I shop for clothing or jewelry, which is another reason that I knew I wanted to work with her and her company!

"The idea of the Layered Gold Heart Necklace came from loving both ideas of the trendy layered necklace and the Lariat or Y Necklace look. JQ Vancouver is all about being stylish and minimal, so a layered look that means you only have to wear one necklace was the perfect combination. While creating the layered look, I wanted a very tiny pendant to hold down the chain and while sampling just the chain design, it had dropped behind my shirt and that gave me the idea to put a heart on the end as it was close to mine."


This JQ Vancouver necklace design inspired me to create a look that represented the same style. I went for a layered look that was stylish and minimal. By wearing neutral tones, the necklace really became the focal point of this look as it very well should be! When I received this heart necklace in the mail, I was amazed at the quality and simplicity of the piece. It is currently my favorite necklace to wear! The jewelry is powerful enough to inspire, which I think is extremely special and admirable. 

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