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Felix Gray Blue Light Glasses

Claudia Di Capua

About Felix Gray

I always wore glasses as a kid and resented it for the longest time. In recent years, I have found myself wanting glasses again, not having a reason to, and not wanting to be that person that wears fake glasses! With all that being said, Felix Gray gave me an actual reason to wear glasses again, and it has nothing to do with prescription lenses. Let me introduce you to an enemy named blue light. 

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A high-energy light called blue light is emitted by all screens. Yes, that means your iPhone, iPad, tablet, desktop, laptop and TV! Because of blue light's impact on melatonin levels, this results in difficulty sleeping at night. Also, the high frequency of blue light can lead to eye strain, which can cause headaches and eye fatigue. 

Why These Glasses Are Great

As a student who is always doing work on my computer, watching shows on my iPad, or constantly checking my phone, my eyes have had enough! While I don't where rx prescription lens glasses, Felix Gray was able to hook me up with a pair of their Nash glasses in black that are non-prescription and that only prevent blue light. I have noticed a reduction of pressure in my head after a long day of classes or blogging, which normally would have just lead to a headache! I am also falling asleep faster than before (let's face it, I fall asleep with Instagram on my phone being the last thing I see). 

I love the sleek design of my glasses and how the cellulose acetate frame isn't too thick or overbearing, which by the way is super high quality and made in Varese, Italy! I debated between the circular or square shapes that Felix Gray offers, but finally decided that the square style suited my face bit better. They are chic and super minimal, which is right up my alley. The lenses also reduce glare! I finally get to wear glasses again and even though they aren't rx, they still serve an awesome purpose aside from looking cute with my outfits! 

Shop all Felix Gray blue light glasses and prescription glasses here!

My Look

I've been very intrigued by denim on denim lately, so I figured why not try out a different look while also debuting myself in glasses!? In this look I am wearing Felix Gray's Nash glasses in black. 

I just got this jacket on and I love it! The edges are frayed for the most part and it has a real 90's feel to it. The sleeves are slightly oversized and the shape is slightly cropped. I'm V proud of this purchase!

An always favorite Levi's Wedgie fit along with a classic Hartford blouse felt like the perfect combo. I went light on the accessories to keep the focus on the glasses, although I do love this Gucci belt!

Last, but definitely not least, my blue velvet boots completed this look with a pop of color and texture.