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The Everyday: ADAY X Claudia Di Capua

Claudia Di Capua

The Collaboration


ADAY is a brand that creates clothing for the woman with an active lifestyle. They put together items so you don't have to. Modern in look and simplistic in design, all of ADAY's pieces from workout clothes to dress shirts are staples that everyone would benefit from having readily available. I'm happy to be sharing with you "The Everyday Uniform"! These sleek black leggings and cropped bra top are not only a workout go-to, but I definitely see myself wearing this to run errands, on my way to a shoot or any other activity that keeps me busy and moving. Keep scrolling for photos and more details about these pieces!


The Look

When it comes to workout gear, I normally am a skeptic. I find the brand(s) I like and I stick with them. I don't like dealing with see-through clothing or styles that ware out quickly. After trying on these pants and this bra top, I'm happy to say they are now in my very short go-to work out clothes list. The pants aren't super thick (aka breathable) and have that great high waisted look. Best part is, they aren't see-through! I tried to bend over as far as I could to see if the material would become transparent, but it truly did not. The fit, the lightness and the color density are what sold me on these leggings. 

On the trend of trying new things, I've never gravitated to cropped, fitted workout tops, but I have now found out what I've been missing! I'm obsessed! I always thought that they would never be tight enough to hold everything in where it's supposed to be when I'm running etc. and if it was tight enough, I'd be spilling out of it. Guess what, I was wrong! The perfect bra top does exist. I felt secure enough that everything was held in place and that I wasn't popping out of he top. It pairs so well with the high waisted pants and is a very slimming set. 

Overall, I'm blown away by the quality and comfort of this workout set. The material doesn't get that weird white undertone that some spandex gets when you've stretched it to far and let me reiterate, They are NOT see-through! They really nailed it. I received another top from ADAY (that I'll be posting soon so stay tuned) and I noticed a trend. Like I said the design is super modern and simplistic. I noticed this because of the lazer cut look that all of the pieces have and how it feels like you are wearing air because of how light it is. Try it out for yourself, I promise you won't be disappointed!


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Dressing for Spring With & Other Stories

Claudia Di Capua



I can't begin to describe how exciting it is to work with brands you've known and loved forever. I'm talking about the brands that you loved before getting into blogging all together! & Other Stories is one of those companies for me. I'm obsessed with their evolution over the years and how there is a modern look to every piece. With all of this said, imagine how happy I was when I came across the physical store in Amsterdam! It truly means so much to now be able to interact with their team and showcase a couple of awesome items!

Trench: & Other Stories | T-Shirt: & Other Stories | Pants: Aritzia (Similar here) | Sneakers: Kenneth Cole | Bag: J. Crew (similar here) | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Socks: Topshop


The Look

It was an absolute no brainer when I saw this AMAZING trench that I wanted to feature it on my blog. It honestly couldn't have come at a more perfect time as I have been on the hunt for a good trench for the last few months in preparation for spring! The color and shape are perfect and I love the oversized feel of it. The size gives it that menswear inspired, minimal look I love. Something I didn't know I wanted or needed were the deep pockets. Super helpful especially if you have a bugger phone like I do! This trench looks and feels super high quality. There is a soft silky lining with a strong wind blocking material for the exterior. What I'm trying to say is you need this trench! It has all the looks and functionality you must have this spring. Plus, it's super easy to throw over any daytime look (especially jeans with sneakers or flats).

The second Stories item in this look is this pink t-shirt. It stood out to me because of the writing on the back. I love simple sayings and I am currently trying to beef up my t-shirt collection. They have grown on me in the last few months and are the perfect go-to top for under a light jacket. All we can do is find the coolest graphic t's we can! I chose this color because it's a great light and springy pink that I love with charcoal, blue and white pants or denim. I obviously went with white, but went back a forth about wearing a pair of blue jeans or not! The simple white pant made the complimentary pink socks pop in relation to the t-shirt because they are the same pink. LOVE a good ankle sock!

I went with a tailored and cropped pair of Aritzia pants that are some of the most useful pants  own (have them in two colors). In case I haven't reminded you enough times, it's spring, so I wanted to go with a light pant with subtle details like the double pleat in the front. This pleat made the look slightly more dressy, but is balanced out by the light hearted t-shirt, pink socks and sneakers. Speaking of these sneakers, they're dope (haha). Velcro is the move and look even cooler with nerdy tall socks! 

I had so much fun building a look around this t-shirt and trench coat. They really mesh so well with my style in general, but this did not surprise me with & Other Stories since I love everything! Thank you to their team for sending me these items to try! If you have not had a chance to shop with & Other Stories, I highly recommend you take this seasonal change as an opportunity to throw some of their pieces into your wardrobe!

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CD x NA-KD: A Valentine's Day Dream

Claudia Di Capua

A note on what to wear and do with your besties and significant others this Valentine's Day in collaboration with NA-KD 

The Collaboration

The second part of my collaboration with NA-KD revolves around Valentine's and/or Galentines Day! I’m always struggling or waiting until the last second to decide what I’m going to wear and do for our dinner/date night, but not this year. I’m turning a new leaf and getting prepared early with the help of NA-KD! As you can see, I went the romantic route with floral prints and flowy silhouettes. Read on for more on what drew me to this style and shop the entire look below! I've included some activity ideas to do with your besties or SO at the bottom. Use code claudiadicapua20 to receive 20% at checkout on!

I often have a hard time finding super feminine pieces that fit well with my style. I like florals and ruffles, but finding a look that didn’t look frilly, poofy or like I was wearing someone else’s clothes was a challenge. This is until of course, I came across this midi-dress. My biggest dilemma with this dress was choosing what color I wanted! I literally wanted them all. I guess that’s not the worst problem to have?! Don’t get me wrong, I was a little skeptical about the length, the print the ruffles, if it would mesh well with my style and the list goes on. But, taking this leap helped me expand my color choices and broaden my style. Did I mention I’m obsessed with the dress?! 


The Look

This midi, Victorian style number stood out to me because I felt I could make it work for at least two seasons out of the year, maybe three. In the fall I could play the layering game with an oversized sweater and scarf plus a pair of sneakers. The transition period between the winter and spring (aka now) is the perfect opportunity to break it back out for sporadic warm days and of course, Valentine’s Day! 

The layered ruffles and sheer upper body give this dress a whimsical, ethereal and romantic look. I had such a great time spinning around, letting the wind catch the dress as I moved. The cinched waist helped maintain my body’s natural shape, which can sometimes get lost in dresses like this one that have a decent amount of material. The sheer top is what gave this piece its lightness. These types of dresses can look heavy, but certain features helped to eliminate that concern. The neck has the prettiest ruffle and tie closure. It’s not overwhelming and looks just as good untied (as I wore it) as it does tied. I wanted that super romantic, flowy look, which is why I left it open. 

Dress | Shoes | Earrings

A dress like this speaks for itself, so adding too many extras would be doing it a disservice. The print and silhouette spoke volumes leading me to select the simplest pair of heels I have. This is Valentine's date night after all! Do not be deterred, though. I tried this dress on with sneakers and love the sporty juxtaposition. Other than these minimal black sandals, I only added a pair of Mejuri gold hoop earrings and let the morning sunrise do its thing with the glow! Remember to get your V Day looks soon so they arrive before your date night with your SO or besties! (claudiadicapua20 for 20% off).

To The Beach

The last part of our shoot took us to the beach. It was still early morning, so we were able to watch a huge group of Venice Beach surfers catch some waves while we finished up. 

If you haven’t gone to a beach early in the morning, I suggest you do! The wind is a little calmer and the gradual sunrise helps you start your day off right. I’m definitely going to end more of my shoots on a beach when I can! Having the sand between your toes and wind in your hair while watching a sport you love (but obviously can’t actually do) makes shooting SO much fun! 


V-Day Activities to do with your Besties and/or Significant Other

  1. Take a cooking class with Sur La Table
  2. Go to the aquarium and head to a nice dinner after
  3. Bake a few of the crazy VDay inspired cakes and treats from a Tasty or Tastemade video and enjoy it while watching rom coms

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Claudia Di Capua X Two Feathers: A Minimalist's Dream

Claudia Di Capua


The Collaboration

Collaborating with Two Feathers is like being in a minimalists dream. I had a hard time selecting what I wanted to feature because every piece is so wearable and simple. I love how all of their pieces can be worn with a number of looks. I landed on this asymmetrical top and long duster jacket. Both are amazing and will be getting lots of use as we head into fall! The tank looks so delicate and the jacket is the perfect weight for light breezy weather. I truly am obsessed and can't wait to see how many different looks I can put together using these two pieces!

Top: Two FeathersJacket: Two Feathers Pants: AritziaShoes: Karl LagerfeldWatch: Daniel Wellington

The Look

I was inspired by the structural nature of this cami, so I built the rest of the look around this concept. These tailored Aritzia pants are a new staple for me! I love them so much that I went back to buy them in a sleek olive green color. I highly recommend them because they can easily be worn with sneakers on a Saturday or to the office for work. A simple shoe swap transitions this look from work to play. 

This duster jacket couldn't have come at a better time. I've wanted one for so long, but couldn't seem to find one I loved. This pajama-esque version kept my look light and airy, but also sleek. There is a tie that goes around the waist, so no worries if it gets a


little chilly outside! This jacket complements the tank so well not just in color, but also is structure.While the tank has rigid lines, the jacket falls more loosely around my body creating a nice contrast within the look. 

Let't talk about these new shoes! These Karl Lagerfeld slides were hidden gems in a sea of sale shoes at Lord & Taylor. I got them for a steal and never looked back. They draw inspiration from the classic Manolo Blahnik heel and converts it to a sporty version. Most of my sneakers have backs, so it's refreshing to see this style without the covered heel. 

Claudia Di Capua X ThePeachBox

Claudia Di Capua

The Collaboration

As you can see, I've partnered with ThePeachBox to share a couple of my favorite pieces from their latest collection! It's no secrecy I love silver jewelry, so I was happy to spread the word about this super chic Marc Bale Silver Crystal Watch and silver Roman Empress bangle. The work so well together and are timeless pieces! I'm a huge fan of the layered minimal jewelry look, so these pieces together mix with my current jewelry collection so well. I can truly say that ThePeachBox supplies some of the best modern looking jewelry at amazing prices. I definitely recommend checking them out for your jewelry layering needs! 

Use code claudiadicapua for 15% off on!

The Look

Let's dive into this look and how I styled around this watch and bracelet. With both pieces of jewelry being minimalistic, simple and elegant pieces, I wanted to create a look that complemented that simplicity. Also, these accessories are super comfortable, so of course the look had to match! For my own sake. 

A rule of thumb for me when try to make a casual look feel more put together is throwing on a blazer. A simple blazer like this H&M one isgreat for summer and looks effortless over a t-shirt or blouse. Personally, I like them over t-shorts because it gives the look that street style vibe. This is why I paired the blazer with a simple linen top from Madewell. They have the softest, comfiest tees! 

You probably remember these jeans because I wear them so often! I found these babies on sale on Revolve by Lovers & Friends. The quality of denim is so high and they sit perfectly on my hips (not to low or high). I've decided that having a lot of cheaper low quality jeans is not worth it. Investing in higher quality jeans makes them last longer and you'll probably like them longer as well. 

Felix Gray Blue Light Glasses

Claudia Di Capua

About Felix Gray

I always wore glasses as a kid and resented it for the longest time. In recent years, I have found myself wanting glasses again, not having a reason to, and not wanting to be that person that wears fake glasses! With all that being said, Felix Gray gave me an actual reason to wear glasses again, and it has nothing to do with prescription lenses. Let me introduce you to an enemy named blue light. 

Photo from

Photo from

Photo from

Photo from

Photo from

Photo from

A high-energy light called blue light is emitted by all screens. Yes, that means your iPhone, iPad, tablet, desktop, laptop and TV! Because of blue light's impact on melatonin levels, this results in difficulty sleeping at night. Also, the high frequency of blue light can lead to eye strain, which can cause headaches and eye fatigue. 

Why These Glasses Are Great

As a student who is always doing work on my computer, watching shows on my iPad, or constantly checking my phone, my eyes have had enough! While I don't where rx prescription lens glasses, Felix Gray was able to hook me up with a pair of their Nash glasses in black that are non-prescription and that only prevent blue light. I have noticed a reduction of pressure in my head after a long day of classes or blogging, which normally would have just lead to a headache! I am also falling asleep faster than before (let's face it, I fall asleep with Instagram on my phone being the last thing I see). 

I love the sleek design of my glasses and how the cellulose acetate frame isn't too thick or overbearing, which by the way is super high quality and made in Varese, Italy! I debated between the circular or square shapes that Felix Gray offers, but finally decided that the square style suited my face bit better. They are chic and super minimal, which is right up my alley. The lenses also reduce glare! I finally get to wear glasses again and even though they aren't rx, they still serve an awesome purpose aside from looking cute with my outfits! 

Shop all Felix Gray blue light glasses and prescription glasses here!

My Look

I've been very intrigued by denim on denim lately, so I figured why not try out a different look while also debuting myself in glasses!? In this look I am wearing Felix Gray's Nash glasses in black. 

I just got this jacket on and I love it! The edges are frayed for the most part and it has a real 90's feel to it. The sleeves are slightly oversized and the shape is slightly cropped. I'm V proud of this purchase!

An always favorite Levi's Wedgie fit along with a classic Hartford blouse felt like the perfect combo. I went light on the accessories to keep the focus on the glasses, although I do love this Gucci belt!

Last, but definitely not least, my blue velvet boots completed this look with a pop of color and texture.