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CD x NA-KD: A Valentine's Day Dream

Claudia Di Capua

A note on what to wear and do with your besties and significant others this Valentine's Day in collaboration with NA-KD 

The Collaboration

The second part of my collaboration with NA-KD revolves around Valentine's and/or Galentines Day! I’m always struggling or waiting until the last second to decide what I’m going to wear and do for our dinner/date night, but not this year. I’m turning a new leaf and getting prepared early with the help of NA-KD! As you can see, I went the romantic route with floral prints and flowy silhouettes. Read on for more on what drew me to this style and shop the entire look below! I've included some activity ideas to do with your besties or SO at the bottom. Use code claudiadicapua20 to receive 20% at checkout on!

I often have a hard time finding super feminine pieces that fit well with my style. I like florals and ruffles, but finding a look that didn’t look frilly, poofy or like I was wearing someone else’s clothes was a challenge. This is until of course, I came across this midi-dress. My biggest dilemma with this dress was choosing what color I wanted! I literally wanted them all. I guess that’s not the worst problem to have?! Don’t get me wrong, I was a little skeptical about the length, the print the ruffles, if it would mesh well with my style and the list goes on. But, taking this leap helped me expand my color choices and broaden my style. Did I mention I’m obsessed with the dress?! 


The Look

This midi, Victorian style number stood out to me because I felt I could make it work for at least two seasons out of the year, maybe three. In the fall I could play the layering game with an oversized sweater and scarf plus a pair of sneakers. The transition period between the winter and spring (aka now) is the perfect opportunity to break it back out for sporadic warm days and of course, Valentine’s Day! 

The layered ruffles and sheer upper body give this dress a whimsical, ethereal and romantic look. I had such a great time spinning around, letting the wind catch the dress as I moved. The cinched waist helped maintain my body’s natural shape, which can sometimes get lost in dresses like this one that have a decent amount of material. The sheer top is what gave this piece its lightness. These types of dresses can look heavy, but certain features helped to eliminate that concern. The neck has the prettiest ruffle and tie closure. It’s not overwhelming and looks just as good untied (as I wore it) as it does tied. I wanted that super romantic, flowy look, which is why I left it open. 

Dress | Shoes | Earrings

A dress like this speaks for itself, so adding too many extras would be doing it a disservice. The print and silhouette spoke volumes leading me to select the simplest pair of heels I have. This is Valentine's date night after all! Do not be deterred, though. I tried this dress on with sneakers and love the sporty juxtaposition. Other than these minimal black sandals, I only added a pair of Mejuri gold hoop earrings and let the morning sunrise do its thing with the glow! Remember to get your V Day looks soon so they arrive before your date night with your SO or besties! (claudiadicapua20 for 20% off).

To The Beach

The last part of our shoot took us to the beach. It was still early morning, so we were able to watch a huge group of Venice Beach surfers catch some waves while we finished up. 

If you haven’t gone to a beach early in the morning, I suggest you do! The wind is a little calmer and the gradual sunrise helps you start your day off right. I’m definitely going to end more of my shoots on a beach when I can! Having the sand between your toes and wind in your hair while watching a sport you love (but obviously can’t actually do) makes shooting SO much fun! 


V-Day Activities to do with your Besties and/or Significant Other

  1. Take a cooking class with Sur La Table
  2. Go to the aquarium and head to a nice dinner after
  3. Bake a few of the crazy VDay inspired cakes and treats from a Tasty or Tastemade video and enjoy it while watching rom coms

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