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The Everyday: ADAY X Claudia Di Capua

Claudia Di Capua

The Collaboration


ADAY is a brand that creates clothing for the woman with an active lifestyle. They put together items so you don't have to. Modern in look and simplistic in design, all of ADAY's pieces from workout clothes to dress shirts are staples that everyone would benefit from having readily available. I'm happy to be sharing with you "The Everyday Uniform"! These sleek black leggings and cropped bra top are not only a workout go-to, but I definitely see myself wearing this to run errands, on my way to a shoot or any other activity that keeps me busy and moving. Keep scrolling for photos and more details about these pieces!


The Look

When it comes to workout gear, I normally am a skeptic. I find the brand(s) I like and I stick with them. I don't like dealing with see-through clothing or styles that ware out quickly. After trying on these pants and this bra top, I'm happy to say they are now in my very short go-to work out clothes list. The pants aren't super thick (aka breathable) and have that great high waisted look. Best part is, they aren't see-through! I tried to bend over as far as I could to see if the material would become transparent, but it truly did not. The fit, the lightness and the color density are what sold me on these leggings. 

On the trend of trying new things, I've never gravitated to cropped, fitted workout tops, but I have now found out what I've been missing! I'm obsessed! I always thought that they would never be tight enough to hold everything in where it's supposed to be when I'm running etc. and if it was tight enough, I'd be spilling out of it. Guess what, I was wrong! The perfect bra top does exist. I felt secure enough that everything was held in place and that I wasn't popping out of he top. It pairs so well with the high waisted pants and is a very slimming set. 

Overall, I'm blown away by the quality and comfort of this workout set. The material doesn't get that weird white undertone that some spandex gets when you've stretched it to far and let me reiterate, They are NOT see-through! They really nailed it. I received another top from ADAY (that I'll be posting soon so stay tuned) and I noticed a trend. Like I said the design is super modern and simplistic. I noticed this because of the lazer cut look that all of the pieces have and how it feels like you are wearing air because of how light it is. Try it out for yourself, I promise you won't be disappointed!


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Dressed Up Vs. Dressed Down in NA-KD the Brand

Claudia Di Capua

The Collab

I've partnered up with NA-KD, a brand that has taken Instagram street style by storm and one that I have aspired to work with for a while! This couldn't have come at a more perfect time as I have just hit 10k followers on Insta (woohoo!) giving me the ability to share their awesome clothing with all of you.

See how I dressed up and dressed down a couple of different pieces below and keep an eye out for a Valentine's Day post featuring another gorgeous item. Shop the NA-KD pieces below on using code claudiadicapua20 for 20% off you order!



As an avid denim wearer, it can become monotonous wearing a certain style all the time or a certain shade. When I was approached by NA-KD with a selection of clothing including these jeans, I knew these had to be a piece that I featured! I'm obsessed with the seam down the front of the leg leading into a slit at the ankle. The ankle is the part that really sells these for me. I already have skinny black jeans with a high waist, but the subtle details on this pair are a game changer! The pants can be worn with heels or flats without losing their intrigue. The slit is an eye catcher and adds the perfect amount of detail.

I've thrown in two new things that I don't normally wear. They are hats and the color purple. I couldn't resist getting myself a beret! I want one in every color at this point. Speaking of color, let's chat about this plum purple blazer situation. I ordered this blazer in about 3 different colors before I settled on this one! Something about the silky sheen that it has along with the super feminine shape and rich color really made me take the leap. I love a long blazer, but it has been difficult finding one that is oversized and doesn't look frumpy. This one is the perfect length to wear it buttoned or unbuttoned and can be dressed up or down. Shop the whole look below!

Top: Express (similar here)  / Blazer: TopshopJeans: NA-KDBoots: AsosHat: Brandy Melville



Cozy and cool for the win! Or at least trying to be cool (haha). This NA-KD sweatshirt is super soft and has the cut that I always go for. I'm not a huge fan of hoods, so the street style mock neck is right up my alley. I love the length because I can tuck in the front perfectly into a pair of high waisted pants or skirt. The embroidered text gives the sweatshirt that added quality I'm always looking for!

I was desperate to stay cozy in this frigid morning temperature, but in order to jazz it up I went with pair of striped palazzo pants by Reformation. You may recognize them from last season's NYFW, but I have repurposed them in a more down to earth way. Pairing them with my favorite and first pair of nike's, I felt effortless strolling down the Soho streets.

No street style look is complete without adding something a tad weird (but so gooood). Asos was my go-to for these crazy sunglasses, or should I say fashion glasses. They of course don't work as well as my more functional sunglasses that cover a little more area, but they look so cool! Asos has the BEST prices on sunnies, so definitely check them out if you want to try out some new styles. 

Sweatshirt: NA-KDPants: Reformation (similar here) / Sneakers: AdidasSunglasses: Asos

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Ally Denovo: Carrara Marble Timepiece

Claudia Di Capua

I'm super excited about my latest collaboration, guys! I love accessories, so that means watches. Ally Denovo is a Switzerland based watch company that has nailed the art of creating modern and fashion forward timepieces while keeping them at a reasonable price. Who doesn't want that?!

1. Classic St. Gallen | 2. Vintage Mesh Rose Gold | 3. Carrara Marble Silver | 4. Carrara Marble Black | 5. Mini Vintage Mesh Silver | 6. Vintage Mesh Rose Gold /Black | 7. Carrara Marble Full Black | 8. Carrara Marble Gold Black | 9. Gaia Pearl Pure White | 10. Mini Vintage Rose Gold

We all are so use to looking at our digital devices to tell time, but Ally Denovo is giving us all a reason to embellish our wrists with watches again. Not only does this watch serve the function of telling you the time of day, but the styles and designs will only enhance your accessories game. Layering these watches with simple bracelets or adding a few rings brings your look to a whole new level!

As you can see above, I rounded up a bunch of my favorite styles from both there latest and previous collections. I love the simplicity and personality that comes with each watch. It's no surprise that many of my favorites feature a marble face, but I'm also obsessed with the mesh styles. Both the silver and rose gold mesh options are sure to give your arm candy some serious luxe vibes! 

Of course, my overall favorite is the Carrara Marble Silver, which is shown in the larger photo above. I'll be posting how I style a watch like this within a week, so keep an eye out for it! I linked all of my Ally Denovo picks above. Happy exploring!

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Go Rogue With Coach

Claudia Di Capua

Top: MangoSkirt: Zara / Bag: CoachSunglasses: Urban OutfittersNecklaces: H&MSneakers: Steve Madden

The Collaboration

I've partnered with Coach to tell you all about a new beauty that is part of their new collection, aka the Rogue bag. I'm sharing why I love it, some cool features and why I styled it the way I did! It's so cool to me to be able to share with you an awesome bag from a company that I am so grateful to be working with! I can't wait to show you how this bag will step up your accessories game this season. 

Coach has stepped up their game and bags like these are only amplifying my street style game. The versatility of the straps and the simple white color of this bag is going to have me coming back to this bag all spring and summer! 

The Look

With a bag like this, I knew I needed to create a look that complements the lightness and springiness while still staying true to my personal style. That is how I came to but together this feminine and ruffled Mango blouse with the contradicting style of the Zara skirt. I love how they balance each other out! the skirt has a slight flare towards the bottom, which I think is so cute. But what really sold me on this skirt was the studded hem. I love little details like this! The blouse is light and airy, which is ideal for warm weather!

Let's talk about how the bag comes into play in this look. It's small to medium size makes it perfect for everyday use. I'm completely obsessed with the gold details and removable straps! I can sling it over my shoulder or hold it by the handles. Either way, the Rogue bag adds a modern touch to whatever I wear it with! The classic large zipper is a nice detail in addition to the huge amount of space this bag actually provides. 

It was hard to choose accessories that didn't go with this bag! Again, the light color and fresh look made it so that I could wear it with basically any of my sunglasses and jewelry. The deep red/maroon handles and piping are a gorgeous addition to the bag and help to balance out the light and the dark, which similarly matches the theme of  my look.

Overall, I think it's safe to say that this sleek little bag is making moves on my spring wardrobe and I couldn't be happier!

This post has been sponsored by Coach

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Felix Gray Blue Light Glasses

Claudia Di Capua

About Felix Gray

I always wore glasses as a kid and resented it for the longest time. In recent years, I have found myself wanting glasses again, not having a reason to, and not wanting to be that person that wears fake glasses! With all that being said, Felix Gray gave me an actual reason to wear glasses again, and it has nothing to do with prescription lenses. Let me introduce you to an enemy named blue light. 

Photo from

Photo from

Photo from

Photo from

Photo from

Photo from

A high-energy light called blue light is emitted by all screens. Yes, that means your iPhone, iPad, tablet, desktop, laptop and TV! Because of blue light's impact on melatonin levels, this results in difficulty sleeping at night. Also, the high frequency of blue light can lead to eye strain, which can cause headaches and eye fatigue. 

Why These Glasses Are Great

As a student who is always doing work on my computer, watching shows on my iPad, or constantly checking my phone, my eyes have had enough! While I don't where rx prescription lens glasses, Felix Gray was able to hook me up with a pair of their Nash glasses in black that are non-prescription and that only prevent blue light. I have noticed a reduction of pressure in my head after a long day of classes or blogging, which normally would have just lead to a headache! I am also falling asleep faster than before (let's face it, I fall asleep with Instagram on my phone being the last thing I see). 

I love the sleek design of my glasses and how the cellulose acetate frame isn't too thick or overbearing, which by the way is super high quality and made in Varese, Italy! I debated between the circular or square shapes that Felix Gray offers, but finally decided that the square style suited my face bit better. They are chic and super minimal, which is right up my alley. The lenses also reduce glare! I finally get to wear glasses again and even though they aren't rx, they still serve an awesome purpose aside from looking cute with my outfits! 

Shop all Felix Gray blue light glasses and prescription glasses here!

My Look

I've been very intrigued by denim on denim lately, so I figured why not try out a different look while also debuting myself in glasses!? In this look I am wearing Felix Gray's Nash glasses in black. 

I just got this jacket on and I love it! The edges are frayed for the most part and it has a real 90's feel to it. The sleeves are slightly oversized and the shape is slightly cropped. I'm V proud of this purchase!

An always favorite Levi's Wedgie fit along with a classic Hartford blouse felt like the perfect combo. I went light on the accessories to keep the focus on the glasses, although I do love this Gucci belt!

Last, but definitely not least, my blue velvet boots completed this look with a pop of color and texture. 

Pura Vida Bracelets

Claudia Di Capua

See below for a discount code, more on Pura Vide Bracelets and how I styled a few of my favorite pieces! (And yes, I am swinging on my indoor hammock for most of these photos.)

Pura Vida Bracelets is a company that not only makes awesome jewelry, but also contributes back to society. Every purchase made helps to employ an artisan in Costa Rica. The jewelry is of high quality and I know that sliding adjusters on the side of the bracelet will hold up for a long time. Pura Vida makes several different styles of bracelets including their originals, charmed, beaded, braided and so much more! They even have stacking packages and options, which helps you to see which bracelets look good together. See a few of my favorites below along with how I styled them.

Also, if you find something you like, use code THEFASHIONATTRACTION20 to get 20% off at

How I styled the Bracelets

Whisper + Ohm Bracelets

Photo from

Photo from

Photo from

Photo from

Track Bead + Platinum White Bracelets

Photo from

Photo from

Photo from

Photo from

Track Bead + Black Platinum Bracelets

Photo from

Photo from

Photo from

Photo from

All Bracelets Stacked

The drawstrings on the bottom of each bracelet make adjusting the size very easy. Not only are they great for stacking and adding some depth to your jewelry, they are super functional too! 

My favorite definitely have to be the silver beaded bracelets. They are great for layering together and with other jewelry!

Visit for more bracelet styles!

JQ Vancouver Collaboration & Giveaway

Claudia Di Capua

It's GIVEAWAY time (again)! I've partnered up with JQ Vancouver for the second time to give one of you an amazing necklace of your choosing because of the great response we got from the last giveaway! Head over to my Instagram (@TheFashionAttraction) and JQ Vancouver's Instagram (@jqvancouver) later today for how to enter!


Silver Layered Heart Necklace

This is probably my favorite necklace from the whole collaboration! You may remember this necklace in gold from our original collab, so it can't come as that much of a surprise. It's so light and looks effortless. I find it is styled best with a lower v-neck neckline. It combines the cool lariat look with a layered lightness.


Double Bar Necklace

This is by far the most versatile necklace of the bunch! I wore this necklace as a choker, long, loose and even as a bracelet. It was perfect for all of those street style looks that needed to be spruced up with pretty jewelry!


Silver Triangle Necklace

Exchange the heart for a triangle and the 2 layers for one, and you have the silver triangle necklace! It's essentially more of a lariat and perfect if you are into the less is more/minimal aesthetic. I love this piece and honestly, it comes down to mood when I'm choosing between wearing this necklace vs. the layered heart necklace.


Gold Bar Necklace

The gold bar necklace is perfect against a contrasting shade like white or black. I wish I was a bit tanner in this picture, but the clothing you choose to pair with it definitely makes a difference! It's simple and elegant. If you aren't into the long necklaces, this is for you!