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JQ Vancouver Collaboration & Giveaway

Claudia Di Capua

It's GIVEAWAY time (again)! I've partnered up with JQ Vancouver for the second time to give one of you an amazing necklace of your choosing because of the great response we got from the last giveaway! Head over to my Instagram (@TheFashionAttraction) and JQ Vancouver's Instagram (@jqvancouver) later today for how to enter!


Silver Layered Heart Necklace

This is probably my favorite necklace from the whole collaboration! You may remember this necklace in gold from our original collab, so it can't come as that much of a surprise. It's so light and looks effortless. I find it is styled best with a lower v-neck neckline. It combines the cool lariat look with a layered lightness.


Double Bar Necklace

This is by far the most versatile necklace of the bunch! I wore this necklace as a choker, long, loose and even as a bracelet. It was perfect for all of those street style looks that needed to be spruced up with pretty jewelry!


Silver Triangle Necklace

Exchange the heart for a triangle and the 2 layers for one, and you have the silver triangle necklace! It's essentially more of a lariat and perfect if you are into the less is more/minimal aesthetic. I love this piece and honestly, it comes down to mood when I'm choosing between wearing this necklace vs. the layered heart necklace.


Gold Bar Necklace

The gold bar necklace is perfect against a contrasting shade like white or black. I wish I was a bit tanner in this picture, but the clothing you choose to pair with it definitely makes a difference! It's simple and elegant. If you aren't into the long necklaces, this is for you!