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Health & Beauty

My Skincare & Makeup Routine

Claudia Di Capua


My beauty routine always starts with skincare! I find this to be 1000x more important than having perfect makeup all the time. Makeup is meant to enhance your natural features in my opinion, so I like to keep those features in pristine shape. I make sure to moisturize twice a day and exfoliate regularly with masks and peels. It's the small things that not many people do that makes all the difference. I apply things like sunscreen in the morning to combat sun damage and eye cream before bed to get a head start on wrinkle care. I love taking care of my skin, so check out my routine below! 

1. Exfoliate

Similar to my moisturizers, I have a lighter one and a grainier one. The Aveeno scrub is much more soothing and has very fine exfoliating agents. I use this one in the morning or on a day without much activity. The St. Ives scrub is a little rougher, but is perfect for after a workout! I love using that one and then applying my ponds lotion at night. I feel super soft! Usually once per week or every other week I will use a charcoal mask or a peel to get a little bit deeper than the exfoliating scrubs can. 

2. Moisturize

As I mentioned earlier, I use moisturizers and exfoliators. In the morning, I use a lighter moisturizer by First Aid Beauty sold at Sephora because it absorbs well and doesn't make my face look greasy throughout the day. I like to use a ponds face cream before going to sleep along with an origins eye cream because it is a little bit heavier and repairs my skin well overnight. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.10.32 AM.png


Ever wonder how I do my makeup for events or my blog posts? Well, I'm about to tell you how! While I always start with my skincare routine, a little makeup adds the finishing touch. I don't like super bold or obvious makeup, so I normally lean towards neutral/natural tones and products that give a natural glow effect. I don't wear anything like foundation or other heavy products because I like to keep it light and comfy. Check my exact process below!

1. (More) Moisturizing

After I apply my First Aid moisturizer, my next move is to apply the Nars tinted moisturizer in St. Moritz. It has an additional SPF, so while it evens out my skin tone, it also protects my skin! 

2. (Occasionally) Conceal

If I look a little tired, I like to blend two different Nars Concealers in shades Custard (lighter) and Biscuit (one shade darker) under my eyes. This helps to brighten up the area right under my eye and add a little vibrance. 

3. Contour (Lightly!)

Like I said before, I like everything to look natural, so I apply products very lightly! I don't even use a real contour kit for this, I just apply products that I have to simulate a contour. I start with a Sephora Collection matte bronzer just under my cheekbones and guiding it into my hairline. 

4. Highlight/Blush

This is the one step that I like to add a little extra because I love a nice glow or sheen! I switch off between using the Nars highlighter in Albatross and a Becca highlighter in Opal. Both are great! Albatross has a gold shine to it and Opal leaves more of a rose gold shimmer (great if you are tan)! I don't always use blush, but when I do I use Nars in Orgasm and apply it sparingly on the apples of my cheeks. 

5. Eyes

Next, I add a nude eye shadow as a base by Bare Minerals. Then, I line the area closest to my lashes with a smokey grey or charcoal color. I love the cream shadows by Benefit! I put enough on to know it's there, but not an overwhelming amount. Lastly for the eyes, I apply a Benefit Mascara, which is kind of hard to take off, but looks great when it's on!

6. Lips

I keep the lips quite basic and occasionally mix some of my favorite nude shades. Anais by Marc Jacobs has always been a go-to, but I love Buxom in Sultry Mauve if I'm looking to go a little darker and rosier. I layer any Revlon or NYX I have if they are nude! For matte lipstick, I have been loving Candy K by Kylie Cosmetics (Don't judge me)! It actually works well and looks greta with my skin tone!