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Valentines Day Activities That Won't Break The Bank: Featuring Muddy Body

Claudia Di Capua

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You know it's almost Valentine's Day when bae starts making guest appearances on the blog! I've put together a list of affordable V-Day activities that are fun to do with boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, and family! Honestly, at home facials with Muddy Body and bae sound like a perfect date night to me. Use code CLAUDIA10 to get 10% off all Muddy Body products! They make great gifts too!

There has been a lot of pressure for people to give elaborate gifts and do crazy things that are often pretty expensive on this holiday. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but where are the fun V-Day options for people like students that don't have lots of $$$$ to spend?! In this case, we must be creative! We decided to put together a list of fun AND affordable Valentine's Day activities for not only students, but anyone else that thinks they want to have a spectacular February 14th without breaking the bank! P.S. Keep in mind that nothing on this list is restrictive to couples! Do these activities with your friends and family if there isn't a significant other in your life.

Let's start off by discussing one of my favorite skincare brands, Muddy Body.

I love this company because of the all natural and organic ingredients that are in each product. All of the masks keep you skin feeling soft and nourished days after using it, which is why I thought it would be a fun activity to do with Marijn (Bae=Marijn). We both get that oily skin glint every now and then, so I figured he would be the perfect candidate to join me. It's a fun activity to do with someone else because you can treat it as somewhat of a spa day and have fun applying the mask on each other like we did! I'm a huge fan of the Detox mask, but wanted to try out the Refresh mask this time around. They both work really well to tone and soften skin! See how to apply and use the mask in my last post featuring Muddy Body by clicking HERE.

One of these bottles is only $23.99 and get 10% off by using code CLAUDIA10 at checkout!

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Other V-Day Activities:

1. Bake your own Valentine's Day inspired desserts and have a movie night. Make a cupid cake or heart shaped cookies (or both, obviously). 

2. Go ice skating at your local ice rink with your significant other and/or friends.

3. Go to a painting class. If you go in groups, the rates go down!

4. Make a sweet Happy Valentine's Day/Love you video! Get creative, but no weird stuff.

5. A surprise dinner made by you.

6.  Go to a pet shop or adoption center and play with puppies!

7. Put together V-Day treats and bring them to an orphanage or homeless shelter.

8. Take a cooking class (a sushi or chocolate making class will do).