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Kylie Lip Kit + Glosses

Claudia Di Capua

Here is my review of one of the Kylie Lip Kits and all three glosses! Find out what I found to be the positives and negatives of each product plus a few other products that I like to pair the Kylie ones with. 

Candy K Lip Kit

What it Includes: Lip liner and liquid matte lipstick

My thoughts: The original lip kit color and my favorite of all! Everything you've heard about this lip-stick laying on thin and drying completely is 100% true. I love the deep rosie nude tone because it works well with my skin color and complements my blush.

The only discrepancy I have, as with any matte lipstick, is that your lips become dry and can causing cracking in the actual lipstick. I have gotten around this by applying a lot of Carmex chapstick prior to the lipstick.


The Packaging

All of the packaging stayed true to the Kylie brand and aesthetic, which I can really appreciate. Everything looks very professional. The drip design is consistent in all aspects from the mailing box to the actual tube of lipstick/lipgloss. 


Like Gloss

What it includes: Single gloss

My thoughts: At first I thought this shade was going to be too dark, but after wearing it, I found that it blended really well with my lip color. It doesn't look like it's just sitting on your lips. This shade is the perfect complement to the Candy K lip kit if you are looking for a glossier finish because it is a bit deeper and rosy.


Literally Gloss

What's Included: Single gloss

My thoughts: This shade is slightly lighter than Like, which I find to be better for more casual use. I occasionally layer this shade with a more saturated lip color like NYX colors. 


So Cute Gloss

What's included: Single gloss

My thoughts: I thought that this shade was going to be the easiest to wear and therefor y favorite, but I was surprised by something. The shade is so light that it sometimes looks to milky without a base. I started applying a nude Revlon lipstick first and then adding the lip gloss to give it a richer look!


Final Thoughts

On The Lip Kit: The tip is soft and the gloss goes on smoothly. Matte lipsticks tend to dry out you lips so definitely use chapstick! The shades seem to look different on everyone, so think carefully about what you think will look best on you.

On the Lip Goss: The lip glosses are great, but you have to have patience to draw in the lines. The brush is not my favorite because it is similar to a nail polish brush, but it still works well. Precision is key with the glosses, but I do love the shades! 

Favorite Lipsticks + How They Look On

Claudia Di Capua

Excited to show you all my favorite lipsticks plus how they actually look on (Those are my lips with the various colors)! These are my favorite shades for all occasions at different price points. Use the links provided to be directed to where to purchase each lipstick.



Marc Jacobs: Anais

I love this color because of how neutral it is. It looks so natural and works with every look I have on! I usually wear this with a smokey eye because it helps to tame the look and make it more sophisticated. Anais is truly my go-to color and looks very elegant on!



Benefit: La La Land

This shade is slightly darker than I normally wear, but benefit has some amazing products! I love the creaminess of this color and how evenly and smoothly it goes on. La La Land helps to enhance the natural color of my lips. I don't usually use lip liner, but this color would look great with one. Also, this color looks great with a sheer gloss or neutral lipstick or gloss.


Revlon: Pink Truffle

Pink Truffle is by far my favorite drug store lipstick find! It is such a pretty plummy/rosy pink color and adds a nice pop to your makeup without being overwhelming. Not to mention, it was super inexpensive. Honestly, I'm not sure why I haven't tried some of Revlon's other shades, but it's probably because I love this one so much!



Laura Mercier: Peony

This color is slightly out of my comfort zone, but I love the brightness of it. I normally stick to more neutral and muted tones, but this Laura Mercier color is a light and pretty for spring. I like mixing this color with my nude shades if I want to tone down the brightness.



Buxom: Satin Mauve

This is a new purchase for me and it was definitely the right move! I would estimate that this Buxom shade is about one shade darker than the Laura Mercier shown above. It is also slightly more purply. I love the look of darker lip shades and this lipstick made it easy to ease my way into it. 



Butter London: Black Cherry

So far, this is the darkest color I have worn. Black Cherry is an amazing plum purply color and looks amazing on olive or pale skin tones. I love the saturation of this shade and how it strays away from the classic deep red. One thing I will say is that if you plan to wear a dark color, make sure you exfoliate your lips because the dead skin WILL show up and it will leave dark specks on your lips!