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Style Advice

Boss Babe Interview Outfit Ideas

Claudia Di Capua

Setting yourself apart in an interview is just as much about the clothing and first impression as it is about what you actually say. Make sure to put your best foot forward and dress the part when trying to land your dream job or internship! Working in places like start-ups or fashion related jobs makes it easy to show your personality through what you wear. There is a way to do this while looking professional as well! Take a look below at a bunch of items that are sure to have you dressed like a professional boss babe for your interviews!

I love the long blazers that either have a fitted or loose fitting mid section. A great pair of fitted pants, sleek top and heels are sure to perfectly finish off this interview look!


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Easter Outfit Ideas & Inspo

Claudia Di Capua

Easter is almost here! I have no idea what to wear yet, but I'm starting off by putting together a mood board of all my favorite styles and color palettes for spring. I love the sleeveless ruffled options and pastel mini dresses. I've never been really into gingham, but this spring I have had the urge to try it out, so I included a few cute pieces with that print. Easter is the first holiday of the year where we can shed all of our layers and actually show off our cute outfits, so don't be afraid to mix and match! Also, Shopbop is having a huge sale right now! get 20% off orders under $500 and 25% off orders over $500. It's a win for everyone, so I included a bunch of items from! Happy Shopping and Easter! (Topshop) (Topshop) (Topshop) (Topshop) (Schutz) (Schutz) (Phase 3) (Phase 3) (Anine Bing) (Anine Bing) (Topshop) (Topshop) (Topshop) (Topshop) (Joie) (Joie) (McGuire Denim) (McGuire Denim) (ASTR) (ASTR) (Topshop) (Topshop) (Topshop) (Topshop) (Rebecca Minkoff) (Rebecca Minkoff) (O'NEILL) (O'NEILL) (Madewell) (Madewell)

New Trends in Denim

Claudia Di Capua


While we all share the chilling memories of what denim skirts used to be, aka too short and from Abercrombie & Fitch (although they have made a turn for the better), they have turned a new leaf and are ready to adapt to modern style.

As the weather gets warmer, denim in skirt form is on the rise. This trend from way back when is making a comeback in the best of ways. With updated styles like exposed zippers, varying silhouettes and lace-up details, I don't know about you, but skirts will definitely be a constant in my wardrobe this season!


I love finding new denim trends and styles because one can never have too many pairs of jeans! It is always interesting to see how many different ways designers and brands can spin the classic concept of jeans. Anyhow, I am always pleasantly surprised!

Photo from

Photo from

One of my favorite styles for this season is color blocking like the Revolve ones in the top left and right photos. They are so cute for spring and the cropped look is a classic. I'm seeing a lot of raw edges and exposed frays on the seem extending down the length of the leg or at the ankle. It's simple details like these that give your denim a personality of their own!


Denim jackets never really went away, but brands are starting to amp up their versions by including embroidery, patches and other embellishments. I'm a huge fan of the patched denim jackets!

While jackets are a pricier option in denim when you are looking for a more embellished style, they are super cute and an investment in one at some point should be made! It's always good to have this staple item in your closet. 


For the true denim lovers out there, I give you denim accessories! These items really top off your look and are perfect for any casual outfit. Similar to the jackets above, a lot of the bags and shoes feature things like patches and embroidery.

Some interesting pieces I came across include the Kendall + Kylie key chain and the guitar strap bag strap by Marc Jacobs. These are sure to add a pop to your bags! It seems like denim has been around forever, but denim accessories are just now stealing the show. I think it looks great on mini backpacks as well!

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