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Closet Must: Spring & Summer Shoes

Claudia Di Capua

This spring/summer, I am vowing to try out different styles, colors and shapes when selecting shoes. I've put together a round-up of shoe styles that are going to be standouts this season and that step outside of what I normally would wear. Some of these styles would have never caught my eye in the past, but I'm paying attention to them now and realizing how much I was missing! A lot of stores are having sale right now, so get your shoe shopping in early.

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I have never been one for espadrilles in the past, but for some reason they have really grown on me for the spring and summer season! Soludos' latest line is what really got me hooked. I love the light colors with fun patches on them. I just bought the Ciao Bella ones and I can't wait to wear them with skinny jeans or my favorite boyfriend jeans. 

The Slide

It's all about the slide for sandals whether they are flat or heeled. A simple mule with a heel can go a long way! The knot detail at the toe of a lot of these sandals really caught my eye. It still looks like a minimalist's shoe, but with a splash of visual interest and color. I definitely was to to try the Dolce Vita striped, flat knot sandal this season!

Flats Sandals: The Slide

Heeled Sandals: Knots and Wraps


If you're like me, you're noticing sneakers are getting weirder and weirder looking. In some cases, it doesn't work in my opinion, but I'm really embracing the strange looks I'm coming across! I'm getting extreme 80's vibes from the chunky platform nike sneakers and total alien space vibes from the Balenciaga sock sneakers and Louis Vuitton mega platform sneakers. Make sure to try out a new color, shape or style this season! It's a good time for sneakers!

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Boots You Need This Fall

Claudia Di Capua


Boots You Need This Fall

A roundup of my favorites from pointed sock boots to flat ankle boots! I've included a bunch of styles at different price points from awesome retailers like Asos, Public Desire and Nordstrom. Pick your favorites and slay this fall!

Pointed Toe Sock Boots

This are hands down my favorite style for fall! The fit is so sleek and creates a streamlined flow to any look...especially a pair of skinny jeans. the pointed toe is back in full swing, but the the fitted sock style at the ankle gives it that modern twist. They almost look like an extension of the leg. I've been drawn to the metallic, nude and white versions of these boots. Public Desire has some of the best deals while upholding a Balenciaga look! 

Metallic Boots

Like I mentioned above, metallic has really grown on me this season. I swore that I had left all of my obnoxious neons and gaudy metallics in middle school, but as all things in fashion do, metallic has been recycled in an updated way. I can't say I'm upset about it! In fact, I'm kind of super into it. I love the stiletto sock boot with a pointed toe or and cool flat ankle boot. Silver will always be my metal of choice, but I'm coming around to subtle coppers as well!

Lace-up Boots

The lace-up boot. A classic in our minds as we think back to the combat boot of yesteryear. But, have you seen the updated versions yet?! They're killers! I'm love all of the buckles and straps that make these boots gothic chic. The platforms and large tooth soles make the shoes not only more industrial, but super comfortable as well! I'm obsessed with the lace up climber boots by Stuart Weitzman. They are definitely on my wishlist as they have that lace-up style, but also incorporates a little heel. 

Flat Boots

Ahhh nothing like the classics! You can't go wrong with a simple flat boot. Apply any of the characteristics from the shoes above to a flat boot and you immediately have a more tame version of the shoe above. This is great if you aren't looking to go too wild with the shoe, but you still want to spice up the look. My favorite flat boots often have a pointed toe and are more fitted around the ankle. Asos and Topshop usually have great options that fit this criteria!

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New Trends in Denim

Claudia Di Capua


While we all share the chilling memories of what denim skirts used to be, aka too short and from Abercrombie & Fitch (although they have made a turn for the better), they have turned a new leaf and are ready to adapt to modern style.

As the weather gets warmer, denim in skirt form is on the rise. This trend from way back when is making a comeback in the best of ways. With updated styles like exposed zippers, varying silhouettes and lace-up details, I don't know about you, but skirts will definitely be a constant in my wardrobe this season!


I love finding new denim trends and styles because one can never have too many pairs of jeans! It is always interesting to see how many different ways designers and brands can spin the classic concept of jeans. Anyhow, I am always pleasantly surprised!

Photo from

Photo from

One of my favorite styles for this season is color blocking like the Revolve ones in the top left and right photos. They are so cute for spring and the cropped look is a classic. I'm seeing a lot of raw edges and exposed frays on the seem extending down the length of the leg or at the ankle. It's simple details like these that give your denim a personality of their own!


Denim jackets never really went away, but brands are starting to amp up their versions by including embroidery, patches and other embellishments. I'm a huge fan of the patched denim jackets!

While jackets are a pricier option in denim when you are looking for a more embellished style, they are super cute and an investment in one at some point should be made! It's always good to have this staple item in your closet. 


For the true denim lovers out there, I give you denim accessories! These items really top off your look and are perfect for any casual outfit. Similar to the jackets above, a lot of the bags and shoes feature things like patches and embroidery.

Some interesting pieces I came across include the Kendall + Kylie key chain and the guitar strap bag strap by Marc Jacobs. These are sure to add a pop to your bags! It seems like denim has been around forever, but denim accessories are just now stealing the show. I think it looks great on mini backpacks as well!

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