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The Importance of the Closet Purge + How to Make Money When Getting Rid of Your Stuff

Claudia Di Capua


Part 1: The Closet Purge

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I know I know, it's hard to get rid of your stuff. After all, you purchased it which means at some point you must have at least liked it a little. In my experience, people have the hardest time parting with clothing and belongings because they have become emotionally attached to them (myself included). REMEMBER: They are just things and decluttering is good for the soul!

A Few Rules of Thumb:

1. If you haven't worn it in 6 months, IT HAS TO GO!

2. If you found it buried in your closet, chances are you haven't had a necessity for it, so let it go.

3. Consider the items you have wanted to purchase for a while and compare that to your desire to keep whatever has been hanging in your closet for 4 years. Chances are, you'll want that pretty new handbag more!

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Let's Talk Poshmark & Depop

With technology and social media being the way it is today, it's so easy to make a dollar selling old things! My favorite places to sell are POSHMARK, DEPOP and INSTAGRAM. 

Both Poshmark and Depop are apps that you can download on your phone and are meant for people with too much stuff to make some money while getting rid of it. Chances are you were going to get rid of stuff for free, at least now you are making some money while finding your items a new home! They allow you to upload images of whatever you are trying to sell and add descriptions, sizes and everything you need to know about the item. You even set your own prices! Poshmark allows you to engage with shoppers by sharing your items, comments and even negotiating prices through the "offer" feature. Depop does most of the same things, but also allows you to ship internationally whereas Poshmark doesn't. Poshmark provides you with all of your shipping material (i.e. boxes and labels), whereas Depop allows you to factor those things into your price as the seller takes care of all of that. 

I like to use Instagram to let my followers know that I am selling items on both Poshmark and Depop. People can also DM me about anything I put on Instagram if I post an image of something I'm selling. 

Payment is super easy for all three of these methods! Poshmark holds your balance on the app until you are ready to transfer the funds to your bank account. Depop uses Paypal, which is super easy as well.

Photo from Tech Insider

Photo from Tech Insider

Part 2: Make Some Money

Doing a closet purge will help you to organize all of your favorite things much better! Once you realize that by getting rid of stuff that you never even look at in your closet, you are making room for that new jacket or pair of shoes you have been eyeing. This brings me to my next point:

How to make money when getting rid of your S#!t.

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Photo from google

Photo from google

Photo from google

Part 3: Steps For Successful Sales

I've made probably over $1000 between the two apps just selling my old stuff! It's totally worth it. See some of my example Poshmark/Depop posts and steps to successfully sell below:

Step 1: Start making piles. One for things you think you can sell and one for things you know no one will want to buy, but will make for some great donations (I usually send this stuff to Goodwill)! Be honest with yourself on this one, you don't want a bunch of stuff sitting around your room if it will never sell!

Step 2: Have a photoshoot with your friends! Help each other take photos of everything in your for sale pile. Buyers in the app generally appreciate when they can see the item on an actual human.

Step 3: Start uploading items to the apps! Make sure to be honest in the descriptions and forthcoming about any minor damages on the product. 

Step 4: Don't freak out! If you don't make sales right away, it's totally fine. You are in it for the long term goal, which is to make some $$$! Start engaging with the apps to build up your following. The more products you post, the more sales you'll make!

Quick tips: Always respond to comments and questions, re-share your items a few times per week so that they go to the main newsfeed, join "parties" on Poshmark (It'll make sense when you're on the app), price your items between 40-60% off.