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A Response to Retro Flame's "Why I Don't Compare Myself to Other Bloggers"

Claudia Di Capua

Just yesterday, founder of the blog Retro Flame, Erika Fox, wrote a semi-controversial article about the blogosphere and why she doesn't like to compare herself to other bloggers. In it, she describes how select "bloggers" have seemingly reached a large number of social followers in a not so organic way. In other words, people are buying followers. Proof of this can be found on websites that allow you to see the follow and unfollow activity of most top social media influencers (more details can be found in her article). She went on to mention how this is not only scamming viewers, but also companies that collaborate with these bloggers because they have not been forthcoming with the extent of their social influence (or lack thereof). After reading Erika's piece, I have some words.

I want to first start off by saying, THANK YOU. Erika, I know you felt that this was a controversial topic, and in ways it is, but I commend you for speaking out on it! It's really hard to find a person in this social media age that will speak the truth about something like this. I've been a huge fan of the Retro Flame blog and social media accounts because of her genuine hustle and quality content. Erika and her work ethic are inspiring and make me (as a blogger trying to gain a following) realize that everything is not always as it seems.

At times, I would find myself comparing my work to others and feeling down if I felt that my quality of work was better, but didn't have the social following that they did. What Erika's article made me realize is that there is so much more than meets the eye! I can never know what most people do behind their screens, but all I can do is keep my competitive mindset going and continue to put out quality content that I believe in. 

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Erika made a point about how the industry is catching up with this scam and how those of us trying to grow our following organically are over the BS. This is so encouraging to hear that someone of her "blogging status" and success in this field is giving this a voice. People can buy all of the followers they want, but the results will never be as satisfying as building a following of dedicated audience members that are there because they chose to be. Hopefully one day I can have even part of the influence that Retro Flame has, but until then, I'm going to keep pushing and creating content I love and that my viewers enjoy seeing! 

Erika, you have done the blogging community a huge service by posting your article! Thank you so much for speaking about a very hush-hush subject and confirming that there are bloggers out there that are killing it the authentic way. 

See Erika's full article on!