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Holiday Season Outfit Guide: What to Wear

Claudia Di Capua

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I can't believe the holidays are already here! Once you hit Thanksgiving, it becomes a snowball of holiday parties and gifts. All of these events and get togethers means looking your best, so I've rounded up all of the glitter and velvet items you need to be best dressed. Seriously, everything from dresses and jumpsuits to earrings and blazers have been covered in this post. You'll be able to sport this for holiday parties with your family as well as NYE with your besties.

Gather some inspo, put your looks together and maybe even do a little shopping for your loved ones and best friends! A lot of these items are on sale and going fast so lock down your looks in time for all of your events. Let me know if you find something below in the comments! Happy Holidays!

Dresses & Jumpsuits

Tops & Sweaters



Jackets & Blazers


Shoes & Accessories

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My Favorite Places to Find Swimwear

Claudia Di Capua

The Run Down

It's almost summer and I am so excited! One of my best friends and I are taking a dream trip to Mykonos and Santorini next week, so I had to stock up on some great swimwear. I decided to put together a list of a few of my favorite places to look for suits. I've been trying out new styles like cheekier bottoms and one pieces. There are so many great brands out there, but these online shops have the best selections! Check out a few of my favorites below. If you know of any great brands that you don't see here, let me know in the comments! 



Shop Planet Blue

Everything But Water

Other Favorite Brands

Fae Swim: Minimal Australian Brand

Coulbourne: Minimal U.S. Brand

Myra Swim: Minimal Australian Brand

New Trends in Denim

Claudia Di Capua


While we all share the chilling memories of what denim skirts used to be, aka too short and from Abercrombie & Fitch (although they have made a turn for the better), they have turned a new leaf and are ready to adapt to modern style.

As the weather gets warmer, denim in skirt form is on the rise. This trend from way back when is making a comeback in the best of ways. With updated styles like exposed zippers, varying silhouettes and lace-up details, I don't know about you, but skirts will definitely be a constant in my wardrobe this season!


I love finding new denim trends and styles because one can never have too many pairs of jeans! It is always interesting to see how many different ways designers and brands can spin the classic concept of jeans. Anyhow, I am always pleasantly surprised!

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One of my favorite styles for this season is color blocking like the Revolve ones in the top left and right photos. They are so cute for spring and the cropped look is a classic. I'm seeing a lot of raw edges and exposed frays on the seem extending down the length of the leg or at the ankle. It's simple details like these that give your denim a personality of their own!


Denim jackets never really went away, but brands are starting to amp up their versions by including embroidery, patches and other embellishments. I'm a huge fan of the patched denim jackets!

While jackets are a pricier option in denim when you are looking for a more embellished style, they are super cute and an investment in one at some point should be made! It's always good to have this staple item in your closet. 


For the true denim lovers out there, I give you denim accessories! These items really top off your look and are perfect for any casual outfit. Similar to the jackets above, a lot of the bags and shoes feature things like patches and embroidery.

Some interesting pieces I came across include the Kendall + Kylie key chain and the guitar strap bag strap by Marc Jacobs. These are sure to add a pop to your bags! It seems like denim has been around forever, but denim accessories are just now stealing the show. I think it looks great on mini backpacks as well!

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