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Euro Summer Finale: Barcelona, Spain

Claudia Di Capua


All good things must come to an end, including my summer travels. June through August has been filled with several Euro trips to locations I have never been before. I'm happy to be crossing four more places off my list including Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Azores Islands and Spain. While this blog entry will cover my most recent trip to Barcelona, you can find details on all of my other trips in previous travel posts (click the travel tab on the menu bar above)! Now, without further adieu, I give you all of the sites, locations and recommendations I have from our trip to Spain! Shoutout to my Barce crew (Emily, Alston and Amanda + honorary guest Calsi). 


  • Ohla Eixample Hotel: This hotel was a true God sent. Originally, we planned to stay in an Airbnb, which ended up looking nothing like the photos, was out of the way and had no air conditioning. Three strikes and we were out of there. I know a lot of Europe doesn't use air conditioning units, but during the warmest summer months in Spain, it was important to us to be comfortable and have an enjoyable trip. We found the Ohla Hotel on the Hotel Tonight app and never looked back! It was truly like night and day when comparing the two. The Hotel has an amazing rooftop pool and bar with views of the city, gorgeous rooms and great food. It's in the middle of the city and close to the beach. Were able to to get around very easily from there as well.

Wearing: TJ Swim Leila Top & Gigi Bottoms // Fae Swim Gypsy Top & Bella Bottoms


  • Montserrat: This was easily my favorite site out all of the locations we went to. It take about an hour and a half to actually get there, but it's so worth it! Everything from the cable car to get top the top of the mountain to the trails and actual building structures, there is something to see every way you turn. The views alone are reason enough to go!
  • Catedral De Barcelona: This Cathedral is probably the most ornate and grand in design that I've ever seen. Sitting right off of the Gothic Quarter, you get to walk through narrow alley ways that make up the outdoor corridors of the church. With so much history (spooky history at that) and intricacies in design, it makes the list as a must see!
  • La Sagrada Familia: Unfortunately, we arrived to this church too late in the day to actually go inside, but the fact that we only saw the outside and this is on the list of must sees speaks volumes! This cathedral is not even completed yet, They are constantly adding to this church in Guadi's honor (the architect behind much of Barcelona's famous structures).


  • Gothic Quarter: I found it interesting to simply look up and see the Gargoyles or to get lost in the narrow alley ways. Everything is so old aside from the shops (which are fun too haha). 
  • Park Guell: Believe me when I say I hate myself for saying this, but I never actually got to go to Park Guell. I know. Too many sites and not enough time! I'll be back though. This park is tiled to perfection and full of color and greenery. Definitely worth a stroll! Buy tickets in advance. 
  • La Rambla: For those out there looking for the Time Square of Spain, hit up La Rambla. This is where you'll find tons of shops and peopl.


  • Barcelona Beach: This was the first beach we went to and a fun way/easy way to jump right into things. It's one of the most popular beaches in Barcelona, thus bringing in the crowds. It's great if you want to be right next to the city making it easy to grab food or shop. Also, there are tons of beach bars right on the sand!
  • Platja de la Nova Icaria: Still a little crowded during high season, this beach is a more relaxed version of Barcelona Beach. It's farther North of the city center with calmer waters. There are cute restaurants around the perimeter and less people trying to sell you tapestries and massages while you tan. 
  • Bogatelle: We never ended up at this beach, but were told that it's one of the quieter options. It's clean and chill, what more can you ask for?!

Wearing: TJ Swim Cindy Top & Cindy Bottoms

Restaurants & Bars

  • Sensi: Hands down my favorite meal of the entire trip. This was a recommendation to us by someone we met on the beach, so it wasn't a super tourist trap. We loved it so much we went back twice! The prices are unbeatable for how amazing the food is!
  • Bar Mut: This was a Vogue recommendation, so a little pricier, but the food was immaculate. We pretty much had the restaurant to ourselves during siesta hours and the actual venue is 100% Instagrammable (IMPORTANT). 
  • Cecconi's: We planned to have one bougie dinner excursion and Cecconi's at the Soho House, Barcelona was our pick. While this meal wasn't full of tapas, we had some amazing cheese plates, vegetables, meat and pasta dishes! The drinks were to die for as well! Again, a completely Instagram worthy location. 
  • Opium: One of the most popular nightclubs in Barcelona where you should definitely equip yourself with a promoter before going in. It's a tad expensive, but if you go in with a group it's pretty reasonable. Can't complain about a table and bottle service at a busy club!
  • La Terrazza: While it's a little out of the way, it supposedly has one of the best sound systems in all of Europe. Set in what looks like an old castle town, you'll be dancing and (probably) drinking under the stars to edm music. 

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